Exclusive Merchants

Our mission is provide the newest and most efficient ways to accept payments and maximize your profits.

Exclusive Merchants is a leading provider of electronic payment processing services. Our knowledge and experience in the industry gives us the unique ability to effectively consult our small, mid-sized, and large merchants on the most cost effective and value adding payment tools and solutions.

Exclusive Merchants provides multiple proprietary payment solutions, reports and a profit maximization software to new and existing businesses. Offering extensive experience with: RetailE-Commerce, Level IIIMobile, MO/TOStart-Up/Home-Based businesses and specializing in independent and franchise Restaurant Solutions.

Exclusive Merchants is unrivaled in our ability to provide transparency and education to our merchants by offering the most competitive rates and award winning service. Our relationship with over 8 acquiring banks, allows us to service any and all merchants, no matter the business type, products, or services.


Exclusive Merchants is the sole merchant service provider for a next generation plate costing and profit maximization tool called Eyenalyze, beneficial to small independent and large chain restaurants alike.

  • Eyenalyze – Daily Financial Reports On Any Device
  • Exclusive Processing Report: Detailing Gross Net & Total Fees charged per Batch
    and accurate accounting of true gross and true net profit for everyday and everyday prior.


Over 30 years combined E-Commerce experience. Specializing in online Guns, Ammunition, E-Cigarettes, Pharmaceuticals and Supplements 

Strategic alliance and referral partner to E-Processing Network (EPN) and other E-Commerce product providers and platforms.

Dot Commerce package – A tailored product for online sales no matter the industry.


Avada & Avada is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.